After three years of living with a stale BCF website, we are proud and happy to bring you our new web portal.

After a debate and analysis of our current situation. the new web portal goes live today. You can see that it is a robust design that will get populated over coming days with more and more content.

It is a fully responsive website It means that it should work on all forms of devices, iPad, mobile, PC etc. The development team did not find anything critical. Now that we are ready with the model and the engine; your feedback, input and participation will be appreciated.

I would like to highlight few points at this opportunity.

1. BCF has reserved five web (static) pages for each club on this web portal to publish their data/information as being a valued member of the Federation. I personally invite all those clubs, who do not have a own website yet. BCF can help you with your web presence free of cost. Take contact with BCF office today.

2. BCF invites you to register with us as a subscriber. Your subscription will allow you to interact with the blog/news items, and register you for the upcoming BCF Newsletter.

3. I am thankful to huge effort put together by the development team, the BCF EC and our special project manager, Mahesh Krishnamurthy; in making this project a reality. I look forward to more such milestones in 2014.

4. Our next major milestone of this web portal project is to integrate it with CricHQ. Project planning has been initiated.

5. BCF will use this new web postal to publish all sort of information, that would interest cricket lovers in Belgium. We need more content to be filled-in on regular basis. Please feel free to provide news items to be posted on BCF web portal. They can be from the past, present and future. As long as they are relevant and meet basic acceptable (common sense) criteria, we will be more than happy to publish them.

With sportive regards