Templates for Clubs

  • Team sheet
    • Three duly filled in copies (2 for the umpires and 1 for the scorer) must be given at the time of the toss.
    • Home Team and the Away Team MUST give separate copies.
  • BCF Result Sheet
    • Home Team must duly fill-in this form.
    • Only Player Names, Match Details & Result needs to be updated. Individual Batting & Bowling Figures are no longer required.
    • Get the signatures from the captain(s), umpire(s) and scorer(s)
    • Umpires will fill in their comments (if any).
    • Home Team MUST submit online the scanned copy of the filled in BCF resultsheet before EOD Monday.  
  • Scorecard with Auto Calculation of Totals – Format – 1 / Format – 2
    • This is NOT needed by the LC.
    • This aids in validating the totals and wickets automatically. This is not carried out automatically in CricHQ.
    • Home Team MUST fill online in CricHQ before EOD Friday. Every club has been given the login credentials to CricHQ.
    • How to upload scorecard in CricHQ is available here.
  • Age Consent Form
    • This form has to be submitted for an Under-Aged player who wants to play in the BCF Senior T20/League competition. Under-Age means a player under the age of 18 and over the age of 15 on the day of a match or matches.

Templates for Umpires

  • Incident Report Form
    • This form has to be submitted for any Match incidents. Based on this the LC & DP will take action.

Templates for Juniors