Star players – 2017

Rules and Regulations:

  • In case a club participates in the BCF League Competition with more than one team, then BCF LC ominates four “starred players” (based on the previous year statistics) before the start of the competition year.
  • The star player policy is not applicable for the BCF T20 Competition. The second team in the BCF T20 Competition is treated as a separate team. Hence, a player is allowed to play only for one team in a BCF T20 Cup. Any violation of this article will result in the team losing the game and forfeit of all league points obtained in that game.
  • If during the competition year it becomes apparent that the “starred players” cannot be considered the best players of a team, then the LC has the right to change the list of these “starred players”. The LC will inform the club in case such a change is needed in writing or email. Such a change shall not be made in the 48 hours running up to a league game for the club concerned.
  • If a star player leaves the country or has a long-term injury or will not be playing during the season for other reasons such as work, the club must inform the LC. In case LC finds out that this information was deliberately not shared there will be a fine of up to 100 EUR.
  • In any second team game, no more than 2 starred players are allowed, as long as these individuals do not participate in more than 50% of second team games.
  • A club must take into account the number of games a star player has played for the second team. A star player can be a captain of the second team but he is also allowed only for 50% of the games.
  • Playing a second team game with more than 2 starred players or a star player representing more than 50% of his allowed quota will result in the team losing the game and forfeit of all league points obtained in that game irrespective of the team winning/losing the game.
  • When the star player moves from one club to another he will be considered as star player in the new club. In the old club there will be less number of star players.
2017 Star player list
#ClubStar playersRemarks# Games allowed in II Team# Games played in II Team
1Gent CCJabbar Hussain
2Gent CCGulfam Abdul Aziz(Select 2016 in the combo box)5
3Faisal Mahmood
4Gent CCBaber Javed Afzal5
112 Stars
212 Stars
312 Stars
412 Stars
4RBCCMuhammad Rehman HussainStar Player Tx from Ostend
1OstendAbdul Rehman Butt
Hakim Khaksar5
Ahmad Khalid Ahmadzai5
Muhammad Rehman Hussain5
2OstendFaisal MahmoodStar Player Tx from Gent5
3OstendBabakarkhel Aziz MohamedStar Player Tx from Beveren5
BeverenHakim KhaksarStar Player Tx from Ostend
BeverenAhmad Khalid AhmadzaiStar Player Tx from Ostend
BeverenUsmani WahidullahStar Player Tx from Antwerp
2AntwerpMukasa Benjamin
3AntwerpIlyas Zaheer
4AntwerpZaker khan Shinokhel