Sportsterrendagen: Sport daagt je uit- A big Success

Cricket Vlaanderen in partnership with Sport Vlaanderen had a excellent event in promoting Cricket to children and schools from and around Gent region.

The event was organized by Sport Vlaanderen .The event called SportSterrendagen: Sport daagt je uit was a big success.

Around 350 children from different schools visited the event and had a go at cricket. Schools as far from Antwerp participated in the event.

The children arriving in batches of 20 kids enjoyed the game. Some of the kids showed good skills despite not holding the bat before and wanted to continue even when the allotted time slot ended.

Coaches Fazil, Sultan and Adnan kept the children engaged with their friendly and fun teaching.

It was two fun days well spent in promotion of the sport and Cricket Vlaanderen

Click here for photos of the event

We are committed to participate in such events in future as we think more such events will definitely help in promotion of the sport.

Thanks to Sultan and Addnaan for volunteering.