Sign-up of BCF and CV Newsletters (mail-lists)

BCF and CV believes in open communication. The BCF and CV administration maintains few different list to send our regular communications, invitations, announcements, etc. to the local member of Cricket fraternity.

We recommend you to also register/create a login on the BCF website. Only members of the federation are allowed to login to the website.  You can participate in the private forum discussions on the website.

We believe in Anti-SPAM, hence we use Mailchimp to distribute our newsletters and emails. It also provides you full control to subscribe and/or subscribe to the lists. Each newsletters/communication from BCF or CV has un-subscribe link. You can un-subscribe/remove yourself from the list independently at any time.

Our office performs quality control from time to time on the list of registration. It is possible that you name may be moved from one list to another, based on our understanding of your profile in local cricket activities. Write to us for any specific queries in this regard!

Please fill-in this form to subscribe to the Newsletters/lists.

It is a two step process. You will receive an activation email for each published list.  Activate the one you need and reject others.

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Different lists & Channels of communications

  • BCF Umpires mailing list
  • BCF Mass Mailing list
  • BCF Club Chairmen mailing list
  • BCF Club Officials mailing list
  • CV Club Chairmen mailing list
  • Whatsapp mobile phone group(s)
  • Facebook Public group
  • Twitter
  • Flickr
  • Google+
  • Linkedin