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Player Transfers – 2017

#Old ClubNew ClubPlayer Name
2OstendRBCCHameel Hayat
3OstendBeverenHakim Khaksar
4OstendAntwerp CCAbdul Basir Hamidi?
5Antwerp CCACCBPamir Momand
6Gent CCAntwerp CCIbrar Tasawar
7Antwerp CCBeverenWahidullah Usmani
8OstendBeverenKhalid Ahmadzai
9ACCBOstendAziz Khaksar
10ACCBOstendShahedullah Naseri
11OstendBeverenKhalid Ahmadi (Khalid Estmatyar)
12OstendBeverenSahib Noor Zazai
13ExilesKUCCAssad-Hussain Ellahi
14ExilesKUCCBasit-Hussain Ellahi
15ExilesKUCCAsaf-Hussain Ellahi
16OstendRBCCMohammed Rehman Hussain
17MCCBPCCBLaeeq Ahmed Baber
18Gent CCOstendAli Raza
19Gent CCOstendFaisal Mahmood
20PCCBRBCCSiftay Ahmed Hassan
21LiegeHasseltHarjot Singh
22ACCBOstendZakhil Ayaz

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