BCF Umpires

2015 Changes made to the Umpiring policy

BCF Executive Committee has decided to bring changes to Umpiring policy. BCF will continue to take special actions as during last two years to

  • provide quality umpires training; and
  • create the higher number trained umpires count.

BCF League committee is responsible for the Allocation and scheduling of umpires.

We maintain the following principles:

All costs (match fee and travel cost) associated to umpiring on a particular match are paid by the playing clubs.

  • BCF will allocate neutral umpires for their official matches
  • BCF will attempt to minimize the umpires travel cost-transfer to the club and travel effort for the umpires
  • Each BCF Umpire is an extension of the BCF governance body; and must be respected for their authority, power, knowledge and decisions. Any reported incidents by the umpires will be treated under BCF rules and regulations; by league committee and disciplinary panel.
  • BCF Umpires can make a mistake, but they do/will not cheat.
  • BCF Executive Committee and the BCF Chairman hold the right of any final decision in any such regard.

Umpire related documents

BCF has adopted the following documents from BLACU.

Laws of Cricket Videos

What exactly is Leg Before Wicket? How do you bowl a No ball? Can a batsman force a Wide ball? What is obstructing the field ?
These animated videos, which has been produced as a helpful guide to clarify the Laws of Cricket by MCC.