BCF Safety Regulations – 2015

  1. Scope of the Document 

This document summarizes the safety regulations that needs to be followed by Clubs in a BCF organized game.

This is not an exhaustive list and this serves only as a quick reference.

  1. Helmet 

    Guidelines have been issued by ICC to improve the safety of cricket helmets.
    BCF strongly recommends each player to abide by these guidelines.

Research was conducted by ICC into the types of injuries that were occurring even when the helmets were being worn, establish the main cause of such injuries, and incorporate these findings into the safety standards for cricket helmets across the world.

The BCF draws the attention of all clubs to this advice from the ICC regarding helmets.

Both CEC and the ICC Board unanimously agreed that the new BS7928:2013 certified helmets should be adopted by each Member as the de facto international standard for helmets. It is advised that all players need to wear helmets that meet the highest safety standards, which is the new BS7928:2013.

BCF cricket official has the right to stop a player who doesn’t follow the safety regulations from participation whenever deemed necessary.