BCF Administration of Justice – 2015

1. Institutions
a) The institutions that have the right of ju

  1. Institutions
  2. The institutions that have the right of jurisdiction within the Belgium Cricket Federation (BCF) are the following:
    • The League Committee (LC). The committee consists of 3 to 4 members ideally including representatives from all different clubs and is run by the League Chairman.
    • The Disciplinary Panel (DP). This panel consists of 5 to 7 members. Per case, only 3 members will be involved in the ruling to guarantee maximum neutrality. If the DP is treating an appeal for a LC verdict, the panel will work completely independently to provide a verdict on the appeal.
    • The Appeals Panel (AP). This panel consists of 2 independent people and one member from the DP not previously involved in the case.
  3. All members of the institutions mentioned above are approved by the Belgium Cricket Federation Executive Committee (BCFEC).


  1. Disciplinary Matters
  2. The jurisdiction of any disciplinary matter shall be described in the “League Committee – BCF Code of Conduct”.
  1. Administrative Matters
  2. The LC is responsible for the application of all rules and regulations concerning the BCF Competitions.
  3. For any administrative mistake(s) by a team, the LC will implement the sanctions as laid out in the BCF rules and regulations.
  1. Complaints by Clubs
  2. Clubs have the right to report an incident to the LC. Any report concerning an incident during a game has to be made in writing no later than 12:00 on the second business day in Belgium following the game concerned. The report has to be sent to the Belgium Cricket Federation Administrator (BCFA) by email or handed over personally.
  3. If the report is about a disciplinary incident, then the LC shall refer the report to the DP which shall investigate the matter and treat it as described in article 2 in this regulation.
  4. If the report is about an umpiring related matter, the LC shall refer the report to BCF League Chairman who shall deal with the matter reported. If appropriate, it will refer the matter to the DP.
  5. Any other report shall be dealt with by the LC which has the authority and responsibility to investigate the matter and to come to a ruling.
  1. Appeals Procedure
  1. Parties can appeal against a verdict following the procedures & conditions below:
    • The notice of intention to appeal has to be made in writing and has to be received at the BCFA no later than 23:00 on the second business day (in Belgium) following the notification of the verdict.
  • If an appeal is being made by an individual player, the club’s representatives must be explicitly copied.
  • In cases where a decision includes multiple verdicts, each of those verdicts must be appealed against individually.
  • Each individual appeal must be made in writing and delivered, posted, emailed to the BCFA within 7 days of the notification of the intention to appeal.
  • For every individual appeal, a deposit of €150 must be received on the BCF’s bank account within 7 days. The bank transfer notification should include the word “APPEAL” and a reference to the verdict (e.g. LC case ID, match date, …).
  • For any appeal against a decision of either the LC or the DP to be considered valid, all of the above conditions have to be met. If this is not the case, then the appeal will be considered null and void.
  • The deposit will be fully refundable should the appeal be upheld (i.e. overall aggregate penalty decreased or revoked).
  1. If the verdict in first instance has been made by the LC, the appeal shall be treated by the DP.
  2. If the verdict in first instance has been made by the DP, the appeal shall be treated by the AP.
  3. Any appeal decision whether by the DP or the AP is final and binding.