Dear Clubs,

Junior Development Officer’s message : Junior League fixtures

I write to inform the BCF Junior League fixtures are now updated on CricHQ.
I am pleased to inform that this year a record 17 teams + 1 ladies team are registered in the BCF leagues. I remind you key requirements for this year’s Junior League.

1. All clubs must now register their junior players in CricHQ and assign them to appropriate league teams.

2. All clubs must input the results of each game into CricHQ within 48 hours of the game being played.
Scoresheets for the games must be sent to me by email. I will confirm them against the CricHQ.

3. Even if you have only 6 players, you should play the game. The opposing team will lend players in order to balance the teams and ensure that a game can be completed.

4. In case you are unable to play on a date you must inform the opposition contact person (which can be found on BCF website for contact persons) at latest by 8:00pm on the night before the match by phone – in case email cannot be accessed. You must rearrange the fixture for mutually agreed date.

5. For those clubs hoping to play in 1st division in 2016, you are reminded that a minimum of 4 games must be completed this year. Without this minimum requirement you will not qualify for FY16 League 1.

Finally I remind that balls will be distributed at the AGM on 19th April.

I wish you a successful season.

Nick Compton
Junior Development Officer
Belgium Cricket Federation