BCF Insurance Coverage (Services procured from Arena N.V.)

All club-members of the federation are required to provide the medical insurance coverage to their members/players. The Belgian Cricket Federation provides this service to all their club members standing in good status to-date as per the BCF Articles of Association.

It is mandatory for all Full-member status clubs to be a part of this insurance cover. On the other hand, it also means that it is not necessary for clubs to take out their own insurance coverage plan separately. BCF office performs these administrative tasks on your behalf and for itself.

The Belgian Cricket Federation vzw has taken the following three insurance policies for their members.
1. Physical Accidents – 1.116.210
2. Civil Liability – 1.116.211
3. Legal – 1.116.211/1

Frequently Asked Questions

By accident means a sudden event which is the cause or a cause beyond the control of the victim and that causes a physical injury.
We put the following process steps at a glance:
1. An insured person hurts himself during an activity.
2. The club / federation provides an accident report form.
3. The accident report form is provided to the doctor, who must complete the medical certificate.
4. Send the accident report form together with any already received original expense notes (residual difference amount that you receive/apply from your regular health insurance, …) and reports to the following address: Natarajan Krishnan, Louis Gribamount 161 Box 4, Brussels; who will further send it to “SA ARENA – Tweekerkenstraat 14, 1000 BRUSSELS”; after verification.
5. Once Arena has received the documents ARENA sends you within five days an acknowledgment of receipt of all necessary information and your file number.
6. Any additional expense reports could be sent to us immediately so we do best to proceed with the charge, if the file is complete.
7. May we finally ask us to immediately report adverse developments in the healing process to ensure the earliest possible settlement of the case.

We do hope that this information is unnecessary for you and may you enjoy many years of accident-free Cricket fun in Belgium.

Only 6 euro per person per year.
– Register with a member club of the Belgian Cricket Federation, and ask your club to pay your insurance coverage fee to the federation.
– Members of the BCF Coach Association and BCF Cricket officials are covered by-default.
The organization and practising cricket, sports extracurricular activities and non-sporting activities (BBQ party, quiz, etc.) in the Federation or a member-club in Belgium. The civil liability guarantees may be extended to the operation of a cafeteria.
a) damages resulting from civil liability, which must be ensured by the Belgian law.
b) damages arising from personal civil liability of the insured person who has reached the age of 16 years and who has either intentionally caused damage, either drunk or in a similar state due to the use of products other than alcoholic beverages .
c) damage caused by fire, a fire, an explosion or by smoke arising from fire or a fire which breaks out or leave the premises of which the insured owner, tenant or occupant, with the exception, however, the damage caused in hotel or similar lodging, where the insured persons residing temporarily or accidentally.
d) The damage caused to the movable and immovable property and the animals insured under their care. This exclusion does not affect the provisions of Art. 7c.
e) The damage caused by buildings under construction, reconstruction or renovation.
f) The damage caused by the use of sail-boats of more than 200 kg of boats and aircraft.
g) loss or damage caused by the aggravation of elements of nuclear or radioactive origin.
h) damage resulting from subsidence and generally of any soil movement, regardless of its origin.
i) All damage directly or indirectly resulting from asbestos and / or harmful properties well as from any other material containing asbestos in any form;
j) does cause damage to third parties by the contamination of soil, water, or the atmosphere. This exclusion does not apply if the damage is the direct result of an accident;
k) The judicial amicable, administrative or economic fines, penalties and damages as punishment or deterrence means in some foreign legal systems, as well as the legal costs relating to criminal proceedings;
l) damages resulting from the liability of directors of legal entities regarding mistakes in their capacity as directors;
m) damage occurring in connection with war, civil war or similar events.
An individual/living person resident in Europe or EVA, who is a member of the club in good-standing as per the BCF Article of Association. The member-club/individual has himself registered and paid for Insurance cover in full to the BCF office, by registering and fulfilling the administrative requirements.
You have to duly filled-in the BCF registration form, and have declared yourself as a paying-member of the club with a full-member status in the Federation.
Starting year 2015, no other members/players will be able to get the insurance benefit.

We do not want to exclude anyone; and target to perform all administrative activities diligently in this regard. We require each member-club to share the identity details of the insured person upfront, ideally before the season start. We share this information with the insurance company to avoid the risk of denial of the claim, when the need arise. BCF only act as facilitator; to enable conformity to all/different requirements set by the insurance company.

BCF has three different insurance policies from the company “Arena”; with different terms and conditions. Like any legal document describing terms and conditions, these documents are no simple to understand.
We encourage all member-club of the federation to benefit from this insurance cover. But it should be kept in-mind that the Belgian insurance company has designed this risk cover on the basic/mandatory Belgian health and civil-liability insurance coverage for the local residents.

Under the policy Physical Accidents – 1.116.210
1. DEATH: € 8.500-
(for members younger than 5 years: Funeral expenses up to € 8.500-.)
+ Additional guarantee: “Funeral” amounting to € 1.250-

2. PERMANENT DISABILITY: For members younger than 65 years: € 35.000-
Over 65 years: NIL

– Exemption: NIL
– Duration: 104 weeks
– Dental Prostheses: € 150- per tooth / max € 600 per accident.
– Transport costs: basic accident insurance under application of art. 20 of the Law of 06.25.1992 L.V.O.

4. DAILY ALLOWANCE: Up to 65 years: € 30- per day
Over 65 years: NIL
Duration: 104 weeks (in accordance with Decree)
Price Index 119.64 (1983) is applicable.

Under the policy LIABILITY: Policy No. 1116211., only for Sportsmen / FEDERATION / CLUBS
Limit per victim € 2.500.000-
Absolute limit € 5.000.000-

Limit per claim € 625.000-
Exemption: € 125-
For sportsmen during official Federal or affiliated club activities is no exemption applies (in accordance with Decree).

Limit per claim € 6.200-
Damage caused to made available or rented indoor sports facilities happened during and by the fact of practicing the main sport activity are also insured.
Exemption: € 125-

€ 12.394.700-
€ 619.734- Exemption: € 123,95-

Price Index 119.64 (1983) is applicable.

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