Belgium Indoor Cricket

Indoor cricket is a variation of standard cricket. It was developed in Perth, Western Australia, in the late 1970s. It is suitable for cricketers and novices alike, and played year-round. Indoor cricket is played on a rectangular, artificial grass-surfaced court. The court is enclosed in tightly tensioned netting, including a 4m high ‘ceiling’. Courts are usually constructed in factory units or purpose-built centers.

A game is played with two teams, each with a maximum of eight players. Indoor cricket uses a softer ball than a regulation cricket ball.

Belgium Indoor Cricket runs throughout the year.

Indoor Cricket is play usually in a warehouse. The size of indoor cricket court is 30 meters x 10 meters with nets
surrounding the court. The ground is concert with astro turf on top. The cricket pitch is the same length as normal cricket. We
don’t use a real cricket ball, we use a tennis ball with a cricket ball casing.

Indoor cricket has the same basic rules as normal cricket except:

  • The game is played over 16 overs.
  • Bowlers can only bowl only 2 overs.
  • Batmans can only bat for 4 overs.
  • You can get caught out off the net.
  • When you get out you lose 5 runs (The batman stays in until he has completed his 4 overs).
  • You get runs by hitting the ball and running, hitting to different sections of the court (4 & 6 runs possible). Also by the bowler bowling a no ball or a wide (it cost 2 runs).


  • It’s fast, fun and open to all
  • The tension net makes it faster and the softer ball makes it more appealing for people with no cricket experience to get involved.
  • Minimal kit is needed, just bat and gloves
  • There are no weather or lights restrictions
  • A game only takes about 90 minutes
  • The game can be played by children and adults with national leagues for men, women and boys.

Who is it aimed at?

  • All. There are international, national and local leagues for men, women, boys and masters but the game can also be played informally by anyone at any of the centres.

Where can it be played?

  • At any of the eight national indoor centres in Brussels, Brugge, Gent, Antwerp, Kortenberg, Liege and Sint-Truiden.
Indoor Cricket Nets