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        Cricket against Cancer

        Belgium Cricket Federation (BCF), Hasselet CC and MS3 TopSportschool, together organize a sport event against developing awareness for Cancer. This school organizes for the 2nd time “12 hours sport against cancer.”
        BCF will volunteer their coaches who promote cricket sport to come by 1 hour (or more hours between 8am – 22h) to come give sport to any participant of the event. The intention is that their 110 students (divided into 6 groups) 12 hours “sponsored” can work. This is to say, placing an Cricket session of about 72 hours!
        Moreover we help join the solidarity to all the people who ever make got (get) with cancer, organized by the Hasselt City administration.

        If you have questions or are interested in this regard, please certainly contact BCF office or the organizing teachers Martine Deruyck and Mieke Vanormelingen.
        Below is their contact information:
        Tel: 011 85