Guide to upload BCF scorecard

NOTE : These instructions apply to ALL matches played under BCF (Senior – T20 and League, Junior and Women’s competition). However only the HOME team has to enter the scorecard. The away team can validate the scorecard and give their input.

  1. First and foremost, the HOME team has to send across the duly-filled in and validated physical copy of the BCF result sheet to the League Committee.
  2. Before starting to fill in CricHQ, fill in the excel sheet found in the “Forms” section (Format – 1 / Format – 2). This excel sheet will automatically validates the totals & wickets and helps in filling the CricHQ scorecard.
  3. Login to with your Club credentials. Every Club has at least one Club Admin created in CricHQ.
  4. Click ‘manage’ in the menu on the left hand side.
  5. Make sure the ‘fixtures’ tab is highlighted.
  6. Filter the date range and Locate the fixture you wish to enter a full scorecard for and click ‘scoreable’ Please Note: If the fixture does not show as ‘scoreable’, clicking ‘accepted’ will bring up the same options to enter a scorecard for that particular fixture.
  7. Further details are explained in this PDF. (You can also see the video from -> select “Results”)
  8. Once submitted in CricHQ, you MUST notify the League Committee that you have successfully uploaded the scorecard via e-mail.
  9. League Committee then verifies the scorecard manually with the physical copy of the BCF scorecard and accepts the scorecard. Accepting scorecard also involves applying points, bonus points (if any) and penalty points (if any).
  10. Upon the scorecard acceptance only the result of the match will be taken in to consideration for the Standings & Statistics.
  11. It is the responsibility of both HOME & AWAY team to communicate to the League Committee at the earliest of any abnormalities in the Scorecard/Points Calculation. This will prevent lot of hassles at the end of the season.