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The Belgian Cricket Federation (BCF) will be organizing cricket activities for Asylum seekers that are residing at refugee centers. BCF is an organisation for all cricket-related activities and the local cricket clubs. It aims to promote and organize cricket activities in Belguim. The aim of “Fedasil Cricket Project” is to integrate the refugees into the local cricket clubs. Although this project is open for all asylum seekers, the  primary focus will be on the minors.

If you are interested to participate in the project and want us to contact you please send an email to cricket@cricket-belgium.com. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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Integration of Refugee migrants into Belgian society through Cricket!

Fedasil have extended the the project allotted in 2017 to the BCF for one more year in 2018.

Belgium Cricket Federation
Hassan Shah


THIERRY Bonamis – Thierry.Bonamis@fedasil.be
GANAELLE Le Blanc – Ganaelle.Leblanc@fedasil.be

Key Project Objectives for the year 2018 are as following:

  1. Player database : Preparation of the database of all players.
    Analysis of the number and profile of players, player grouping based on age and profile
    • Determining the needs and requirements of the players.
    • Maintaining regular contact with the players
    • Newsletters based on profiles”
  2. Create (atleast one) new cricket club from the immigrants
  3. Provide cricket infosessions, about Cricket in Belgium/Europe
  4. Promote cricket on local radio, success stories in social media, press, TV etc.
  5. Organize at least one coach training at a common center for all coaches of the Fedasil center
  6. Organize an outdoor T20 format Cricket tournament * for centers in Flanders (Outdoor)
  7. Organize an Indoor Winter Super sixes format Cricket tournament for centers in Flanders
  8. Organize 1 Indoor Winter Super-Sixes format Cricket tournament * for centers in Wallonia (Indoor)
  9. Integrate refugee immigrants in to the local cricket clubs, by providing  club membership grants (max 100 players) to the clubs to register asylum seekers in their clubs, as their cricket league players, and to introduce new teams in the Belgian cricket league

Planned Tournaments in the year 2018:

Summer Cricket Tournaments for the refugee immigrants:

to be added

Winter (indoor) Cricket Tournaments for the refugee immigrants:

to be added

Players integrated in to the local clubs via Belgian Cricket League Tournament

Five immigrant Players Integrated in the Braine CC

Five immigrant Players Integrated in the Brussels Greens CC

Five immigrant Players Integrated in the Brugge CC

More details to be added here..

Content awaited from the clubs

2017 Archives

Fedasil Integration Cup 2017 (Vlaanderen)


Fedasil Integration Cup 2017

Super Sixes Indoor Cricket

Scheppers, Mechelen