MEMO TO: All Cricket players in Belgium and BCF member-club boards

DATE: 15 May 2015

Cricket Batting Helmet Safety – New British Standard

A research was conducted by ICC HQ into the types of injuries that were occurring even when helmets were being worn, establish the main cause of such injuries, and incorporate these findings into the safety standards for cricket helmets across the world.

The result of this work was:

– The publishing of the updated British Standard BS7928:2013 in December 2013, and
– Testing houses to certify helmets against the updated British Standard becoming available from May 2014.

Consequently helmets designed to meet BS7928:2013 have been produced, and introduced to the market in late 2014. A large range of BS7928:2013 certified helmets will be available from March 2015.

At the recent CEC and ICC Board meetings the Members were updated accordingly and a copy of the meeting paper which includes background information on the research and a copy of the new British Standard BS7928:2013 is attached for information.

At the meetings, both CEC and the ICC Board unanimously agreed that the new BS7928:2013 certified helmets should be adopted by each Member as the de facto international standard for helmets.

We hereby advise all cricket players in Belgium and each member-club board to advise all players under their jurisdiction to wear helmets that meet the highest safety standards, which is the new BS7928:2013.

Your co-operation in advising the players accordingly is appreciated.