LC Cases 2021

#DescriptionLC LeadDisciplinary/Appeal Done?StatusRemarks
DP-01-2020Incident on 23-Aug-2020 (Greens-2 Vs Genk).NoneWent to DP.
Appeal Done by Hadi
AP Panel formed and the case is pending.
DP-02-2020Case against Sheriyar Butt in RKY Tournament in Antwerp CC.
Abuse of the Umpires
NoneWent to DPDoneCase rejected as RKY is a private tournament
DP-01Brugge CC Ground problem. Both Brugge and Brugge Punjab XI (Roeselare) claiming the same.NoneWent to DPDoneAgreement between the clubs done. Brugge CC will own the ground.
LC-0112 Stars-3 - Validate the New TeamGaneshDone
LC-02ICCB-2 - Validate the New TeamScottyDone
LC-03Ostend Zalmi-2 - Validate the New TeamAnanthDone
LC-04Hasselt-2 - Validate the New TeamScottyDone
LC-05Brugge - Do they have enough members to enroll in the BCF League?GaneshDone
LC-06Gent CC-3 - Validate the New TeamScottyDone
LC-07Brussels Warriors-2 - Validate the New TeamGaneshDone
LC-08Roesalare - Validate the TeamGaneshWent to DPDone
LC-09MCCB position in the League StructureGaneshDone
LC-10Player Transfer - Samiurahman AhmadzaiGaneshWent to Appeal PanelDoneAppeal panel overturned the LC decision. The player is transferred to BWCC and allowed to play from 02-Jul-2021
LC-11Brugge - Why they are in D5 instead of D6 in the BCF League?GaneshDone
LC-12Incident request ICCB 2 vs Hasselt CC 2 - 26-Jun-2021 - MankadingIn progress
LC - 13Belal Hotak - Transfer caseGaneshDone
DP-01-LC-14Abuse of BCF LC by Gent CC Chairman and SecretaryWent to DP
LC-15Mankad of an ICCB player (ICCB Vs Hasselt on 26-Jun)GaneshIn progress
LC-16RBCC-2 Vs BGCC - 03-Jul - Abandoned game by RBCCGaneshIn progress
DP-02-LC-17Genk player abuse of equipment and Dissent (Genk Vs Turnhout on 17-Jun)Went to DP
LC-18U-15 - RBCC walked off after first inns (MECC-U-15 Vs RBCC-U-15 on 18-Jul)GaneshDone
LC-19D1: AICC-1 Vs 12 Stars-1: Stopped due to Rain and result contentionAnanth & SultanDone
LC-20Liege Vs Brussels Warriors: Liege refuse to play even after BCF umpire asked them to playGanesh & Andrew ScottDone
LC-21OCC-2 Vs Gent-1 on 07-Aug: Not allowing a common officialGaneshDone
LC-22Umpire assignment complaintGanesh & Andrew ScottDone
LC-23Genk Vs Gent CC-2 - Genk complaint against Gent CC for walking off due to rain - No BCF officialGanesh & Andrew ScottIn progress
LC-24Gent CC-2 Vs Genk - Genk complaint against Gent for not giving any obvious LBW decision - No BCF officialGanesh & Andrew ScottIn progress
LC-25BGCC Vs PCCB - PCCB played with an Arcadians playerGanesh & Andrew ScottDone