BCF Management and Players Charter


This document is to be signed by everybody concerned with the Belgian National Squad. The tour manager, the national coach, anybody else helping train the squad and all of the players. If English is not your mother tongue then please have somebody read you the contents before you sign it.

  1. Standards of conduct required at all times
  2. Belgian values while on international duty
  3. Procedures in event of alleged breach of Code
  4. After tour reports


A] Standard of conduct required at all times:

  • Players and officials representing Belgium are ambassadors for their country and are role models for younger players. The highest standards of conduct and behavior are therefore expected at all times, including when players are not on international duty.
  • It is an honour to play for Belgium.
  • Avoid anything adverse that may have affect of the reputation of integrity of the Belgian Team, the BCF or Cricket in Belgium..
  • Comment on E-mail, Twitter or Facebook about opposition, management, individuals could result in disciplinary action by BCF and Disciplinary Panel board.
  • No use of drugs without doctor’s permission.
  • No violence, abuse or discrimination (all forms).
  • No disclosure of confidential information about any aspect of playing for Belgium.


  • The position of Belgium’s captaincy is a privileged position which carries with it the additional expectations and responsibility (both on and off the field). The captain of any Belgian National Team is therefore under increased scrutiny and is expected to be a role model to the rest of the squad and is his or her compliance with the code. The captaincy may be removed from a player by the Belgian Cricket Federation Board in the event that his or her conduct does not meet the standards required for the role. The Head Coach retains the right to change the captaincy irrespective of any breach of the Code.
  • The BCF appoints team captains with a clear expectation that they will be shown proper respect on and off the field. If you have a problem with your captain that you cannot resolve one to one, the only avenue of appeal open to you is to the BCF Executive Committee via the Head Coach, or the Tour Manager.


B] On international duty players and officials must:


  • Respect your own squad members, opponents, officials and supporters.
  • When travelling to foreign countries, be respectful of their culture and traditions.
  • Always acknowledge the supporters at the end of the game and on the coach travelling to training and games.
  • Respect ICC officials at all times.
  • Respect drug-testing officers at post-match.
  • Respect hotel staff at all times.
  • Reputations and integrity, abide by ICC rules, no drugs.
  • Reject and oppose violence, abuse and all forms of discrimination.
  • Do not publish (via E-mail, Twitter or Facebook) anything that may cause or embarrass a member of the ICC, BCF, the Belgian Squad and Management.


  • Neither players or officials should not react, however hard it is, to verbal provocation from their own team members, their opponents, the press or fans when in public places (Journalists & photographers are allowed to follow players in public places).
  • Follow directions of Team Management. (and tournament officials)
  • Follow individual Team rules.
  • Always be on time.
  • Talk to the team management about any injury you may have that could have an impact on your playing for the NT. (Do not go on tour carrying an injury).
  • An argument between you and your teammates during the course of a match brings you, your Team, and the Club/Federation/Country into disrepute. It is unacceptable.
  • Wear official sportswear (except footwear). The official sportswear has to be worn on all public appearances of the National Team when on tour but also in Belgium. For National Team training, the players and official are asked to wear official sportswear or neutral whites (Belgian Club Whites are ok)
  • National Team whites should only be worn whilst representing your country. Not during club games. Except the caps.
  • No personal endorsements.
  • Do not consume alcohol without the express permission of the manager.
  • Do not use drugs or banned substances.
  • Do not use room service.
  • Do not bet on any cricket matches (this is against ICC rules) (and immediately detail approaches with regard to inducements to give information for betting purposes).
  • Only use a sensible amount of time playing video or computer games.
  • Note that mobile phones in the meal-room, dressing-room and on the team bus is at the discretion of the Head Coach.
  • Note that taking a mobile phone to tournament games is at the discretion of the tournament management and must be obeyed.
  • Do not discuss Team tactics or selection ahead of fixtures outside of the group.

Training and NT Selection:

  • Always be on time for team meetings and trainings.
  • If you have National Team clothing; they should be worn whilst training.
  • No other national clothing should be worn except for Belgium.
  • Players must inform the appropriate person (e.g. Coach, Performance Director, Team Manager) if they cannot attend any training sessions or matches giving sufficient time to allow for alternative arrangements to be done.
  • Players are expected to attend at least 75% of the National Team trainings. If they do not comply with this rule, the players may automatically be dropped from the main selection list.
  • Players should arrive to training in good time and properly prepared and by the time communicated by Coach.
  • Once selected, you are expected to play unless there is a compelling and verifiable reason why you should be excused.
  • Late notice of withdrawal from a team is not welcomed. If you might not be available for all days of a match or a tournament, either discuss your situation with the Head Coach, or declare yourself unavailable.



  • All media activity should be coordinated through BCF.
  • All players and officials should play a part in meeting media demands.
  • Go through mixed zones (guidance that no ear-phones etc. worn).
  • No criticism on Twitter/Facebook.
  • No Twitter or Facebook comments on the day before the game or the day of the game unless authorised.
  • No media columns.
  • Be aware that communication on any social media, texts, picture messages and e-mails can become public.
  1. C) Procedures in event of alleged breach of Code :

In an ICC Europe organised event, they usually have their own disciplinary panel. After the tour separate investigations can also be carried out by BCF Executive Committee and the BCF Disciplinary Panel.

  • All players must comply with investigation.
  • If a breach is found, then option the BCF will rely on a range of sanctions (oral/written warning, exclusion from selection for fixed or indefinite period).
  • Pending any outside investigation, (Police), the BCF maintains right to suspend at their discretion.
  • If case is not proven or dropped, players will be available for selection.
  • If a player or official faces a non-custodial sentence, the BCF board will decide on case-by-case basis.
  • Any custodial sentence will result in the exclusion of the player or official for a defined period – to be determined by the BCF management board.
  • Serious allegations: A player or Captaincy may be removed at discretion of BCF.
  • If the offence is serious enough the player(s) or official(s) can also be charged by the BCF as well as  ICC Europe.


  1. Issuing an oral or written warning to the player or official.
  2. Determining that the player or official shall not be eligible for selection or mandate for a specific number of matches or specific period.
  3. Determining that the player or official shall not be eligible for an indefinite period.

Where an allegation of serious misconduct has been made, the BCF Management Board may suspend a player or official while the matter is investigated further and/or pending the outcome of any cricket related regulations or criminal investigations. Serious misconduct includes:

  • Theft, dishonesty, fraud, deliberate falsification of records.
  • Assault, battery, violence, deliberate damage to or misuse of BCF property.
  • Breach of safety-security regulations.
  • Being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.
  • Any form of discrimination.
  • Deliberate misuse of confidential information.
  • Serious breach of ICC and BCF rules/regulations.
  • Conduct that significantly, materially or adversely impacts on the reputation or the integrity of BCF.

Any decision made by the BCF is final – There is no right of appeal. The BCF has power to publish in the press.

D] After Tour Reports:

After tour reports can be made from anybody on tour. It can be good to know what the players thought of how the tour was organised from start to finish. Slander is not part of a report facts and figures are. Reports should not be written directly after an incident whilst you are in an emotional state. Reports should be reread and corrected as required before they are forwarded.

The BCFEC will expect an after tour report from the NT Manager, the NT Coach and the NT Captain. The report should contain details of the good, the bad and the ugly on tour. The BCFEC cannot hand a disciplinary panel a diary and expect them to give them any feedback.

Any person forwarding a report should be aware that they may be questioned by a disciplinary panel.


  1. All reports should be from a personal point of view.
  2. All reports should only been seen by the author(s).
    1. If more than one person helps write the report they should all sign the document.
  3. All reports should be sent to the BCF Chairman only.
  4. The BCF Chairman shall set up a Disciplinary Panel and send the reports to the panel chairman only.
  5. The Disciplinary Panel will report back to the BCF Chairman who will share their findings with the BCFEC.
  6. The BCFEC will read and debate the report from the Disciplinary Panel and take any action that they think is required.



Signed Contract for the National Squad.

This document should be signed by all everybody that has a concern with the National Squad. Before they start to train, coach, help or play or represent Belgium.

This Management & Players Charter  is a simplified version of the ICC Code of Conduct for Players and Players Support Personnel. We strongly advise everybody concerned with the National Team  read the official ICC document.


Anybody that signs this document; signs it as having read and understood the contents of this document.

Players must understand that the ‘MCC Laws of Cricket’ the ‘League Committee – BCF Code of Conduct’ are also a viable documents whilst representing Belgium.

Players that seriously disregard the contents of these three documents can be sent home


I                                                           have read and understood the BCF – Management & Players.


I shall abide by this ‘MCC Laws of Cricket’, the ‘League Committee – BCF Code of Conduct’ and the ‘BCF – Management & Players Charter’.




Date                                                 Signature