Active and registered cricket clubs in Belgium

The Belgian Cricket Federation recognizes the contribution of the founding members, who founded the actual association on 25 February 1990.

  • Antwerp Cricket Club vzw/asbl,
  • Mechelen Eagles Cricket Club vzw,
  • Pakistan Cricket Club Belgium asbl, and
  • Royal Brussels Cricket Club asbl.
# Cricket Club Name Legal Status Registered Address Member Status Member since Represented by Chairman Memeber of Cricket Vlaanderen
1 12 Stars Cricket Club VZW/asbl Address:
Leuvensesteenweg 19
3080 – Tervuren
Full Member 19xx Mr. Anthony Brand No
2 Antwerp Cricket Club VZW/asbl Address:
Floraliënlaan 99
Sportpark Koningin Astrid
2020 Antwerpen
Full Member 1990 Mr. Dennis Newport Yes
3 Antwerp Indians Cricket Club VZW/asbl Address:
Vesting straat 62
2018 Antwerpen
Full Member 19xx Mr. Naresh Shah Yes
4 Afghans Cricket Club VZW/asbl Address:
Rue de Coteaux 219
1030 – Brussels
Full Member 19xx Mr. Niyaz Ahmed Yes
5 Arcadians Cricket Club VZW/asbl Address:
Ottergemsesteenweg 205
9000 Gent
Full Member 19xx Mr. Rakesh Kapila Yes
6 Brugge Cricket Club VZW/asbl Address:
Philipstockstraat 6
8000 – Brugge
Full Member 19xx Mr. Gurjit Singh Yes
7 Crescent Cricket Club VZW/asbl Address:
Lange van Bloer 73
2060 – Antwerpen
Full Member 19xx Mr. Nadeem Khan Yes
8 Gent Cricket Club VZW/asbl Address:
Krijgsgasthuisstraat 79
9000 – Gent
Full Member 19xx Mr. Manish Mishra Yes
9 Kortrijk United Cricket Club VZW/asbl Address:
Pluimstraat 8
8500 – Kortrijk
Associate Member 2014 Mr. Amer Shah Yes
10 Pakistan Cricket Club Brussels (PCCB) VZW/asbl Address:
Boulevard des Invalides 243
1160 – Bruxelles
Full Member 1990 Mr. Javaid Siddiqi Yes
11 Greens Cricket Club VZW/asbl Address:
Rue Pletinckx 60
1000 – Bruxelles
Full Member 19xx Mr. Ahmed Yes
12 Oostende Cricket Club F.O. Address:
Street Name1
Pin – City
Full Member 19xx Mr. Zohain Hussain Yes
13 Oostende Exiles Cricket Club VZW/asbl Address:
Torhoutsesteenweg 89
8400 – Ostend
Full Member 19xx Mr. Bunti Ahmed Yes
14 International Cricket Club Belgium VZW/asbl Address:
Eslaan 13
1020 – Laekan
Full Member 2013 Mr. Som Shekhar Yes
15 Royal Brussels Cricket Club (RBCC) VZW/asbl Address:
Chemin des Messes 39
1380 – Lasne
Full Member 1990 Mr. Nick Compton No
16 Meise Wolverine Cricket Club (MWCC) VZW/asbl Address:
Oudenbos 2
1860 – Meise
Associate Member 19xx Mr.  Patrick Demaerschalk Yes
17 Mechelen Cricket Club VZW/asbl Address:
Kleine Bareelstraat 40
2800 – Mechelen
Full Member 19xx Mr. Faisal Hussain Yes
18 Mechelen Eagles Cricket Club F.O. Address:
Baron Eduard Empainlaan
2800 – Mechelen
Full Member 1990 Mr. Munir Ahmed Yes
19 Sint Truiden Cricket Club F.O. Address:
Stapelstraat 61
3800 – Sint-Truiden
Full Member 19xx Mr. Jasbir Singh Yes
20 Liege Cricket Club VZW/asbl Address:
Rue Sainte Marguerite 284
4000 – Liège
Full Member 19xx Mr. Majid Mehmood Yes
21 Leuven Cricket Club F.O. Address:
Street Name1
Pin – City
Full Member 19xx Mr. Yes
22 Optimist Cricket Club F.O. Address:
Rues des romains
L-2443 – Senningerberg
G D Luxembourg
Associate Member 19xx Mr. No
23 Heerleen Cricket Club F.O. Address:
Kaldebornweg 5
6417 – BA Heerlen
Associate Member 19xx Mr. No
24 Masroor Cricket Club F.O. Address:
Associate Member 19xx Mr. Yes

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