During the last two general meetings, it was made evident to all that Jerome Bel has resigned and wants to leave BCF and CV as soon as possible.


Call of candidates was made during the general meetings. On the election day, three candidates were announced. Later to that, BCF EC did not receive any additional interest from anyone else.


After the first BCF EC meeting, an interview panel of five BCF EC members was formed. The selection process was concluded during last month. The results were internally discussed and were formally informed to ICC Europe.


As a result of 360 degree evaluation made by myself, and the recommendations of the interview panel, the decision was taken to select Natarajan Krishnan (NK) as our new BCF General Manager.


Today you have probably received an email that exhibits NK has become active exercising his external interface. It was my intention to announce his appointment on the fixtures meeting, but an pre-mature broadcast email message stole away this opportunity from me.


Nevertheless, I call for all clubs to welcome NK to our cricket family, and extend your support to him. He is now available to support you from the BCF office. He will report directly to me and will be your direct interface i.o. act as first line of contact between your club, BCF, CV and ICC Europe.


I want to thank all the welcoming and encouraging messages already received on this achievement while ignoring the demotivating and unfriendly ones. I want everyone to support and encourage NK to ignore the negativity and focus on the projects allocated to him by me and the BCF EC.


During next week, BCF Office will become fully functional. BCF office will be reachable via a fixed telephone, fax, email address and an mobile number. All necessary contact information will published on the new website contact pages.


I take this opportunity to also update you on few other items, which might be of interest to you all.

1.Website: We are preparing launch our new Website during this weekend.

2.Umpires: BCF will be organizing an Level 1 certified training sessions for Umpires very soon. You will start hearing from BCF Office soon on this subject to confirm participations from your club. Like all previous years, we will be short of the required numbers of the qualified umpires again. Hence I call upon each club to take active participation in the upcoming training program and provide more umpires and scorers to BCF. We cannot  do any better without your support in this matter.

3.Next General Meeting: BCF EC is actively working on different projects and activating different sub-committees. The elected EC members are taking personal contact with different members of the federation to activate and deliver on their agenda, priorities and move their projects forward. I hope to present an status update during the upcoming Annual General Meeting to close Fiscal Year 2013.

4.Secretarial: BCF EC will also share the MOM of the last general meeting, BCF EC  and major decision taken during last months. I believe that we can publish them on our new website to the registered and limited subscribers for all-time reference purpose.

5.Statsblad: We hope that the statsblad will be updated by end of March, reflecting the results of the last election day.

6.Cricket Balls: BCF EC have ordered and received the excellent test match quality Red cricket balls for the league and T20 matches. We plan to distribute them on the next meeting with a combined agenda viz. Fixture, League, Awards etc.

7.Invoices: BCF Treasurer also plans to redesign/combine the different invoices in a single annual invoice. We later strictly want to follow-up the payment cycles during the remaining months. BCF EC  will be evaluating the new process and proposed timelines from all possible perspectives. At this moment, all costs shared with clubs are indicative. We have targeted to complete this invoicing activity by first week of April 2014.

8.Jerome Bel will be relieved of his duties during March. He does not represent BCF and CV in any matter anymore w.e.f. March 2014. We have requested him to release the Bank authorizations ASAP towards other known and recorded proxy holder EC members.

9.New BCF Office Address: needs to be changed. There are different proposals but there is no decision yet.

10.2014 League: The League committee is progressing with all your valuable input. The results will be presented during the next meeting. BCF EC will review all different aspects related to standings of different clubs in the 2014 league; e.g. Junior section, club status, grounds availability, holiday period, Ramadan, umpires, CricHQ etc. Be assured that that we will not be able to please everyone; but will be able to apply the clauses stated in the articles of association uniformly. Please do confirm to NK about your attendance and availability for the 16/March meeting.

11.Communication: I am personally monitoring all possible the communication patterns used within BCF. I have selected Mahesh Krishnamurathy as a special project officer from the Marketing and Communication sub-committee, to develop this subject further and foamize it in the (to be proposed) by-laws. All non-productive statements, negative hear-say, disgraceful emails, disrespectful statements and rumours are being ignored by all BCF EC members. Do not consider that they are going unnoticed.

Concluding, I want to bring your focus back to the BCF Office being made functional and available to you.


BCF EC believes that you will support it and make good use of it.


I wish you all a very fine and sportive weekend ahead.


Sanjay Vaid