Cricket Development Officer


Job Title:                  Development officer (Fedasil Project) Reporting to:            BCF General Manager Open Positions:       One Type of position:     Part-time, average 20 work hours per week (excluding travel) The Sport Federation The Belgian Cricket Federation vzw (BCF) is a sports federation, formed in 1990 to promote cricket in Belgium. The BCF is a [...]

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Vienna International Women’s Sixes Tournament


Vienna International Women’s Sixes Tournament 27-28 August 2016 Written by Rosemary Lister Belgium Women Win! Belgium overcame sweltering heat and spirited opposition to become unbeaten champions.  Austria, Norway, Zurich Sapphires 1, Zurich Sapphires 2 and Belgium enjoyed a weekend of sixes cricket at the Austria Cricket Stadium in Vienna, each team batting 5 overs and [...]

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Street Cricket Activities – Gent


Gent CC has successfully organized street cricket activity during the buurtfeest on 28 August In all around 30 participants both young boys and girls had a go t cricket and it was well received. Thanks to Gent CC for making the game more visible within the local community. Well donee Gent CC The pictures can [...]

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Belgium U11 Cricket Team at Three Nation Tournament at Luxembourg


Although the focus of most Belgians would be on the Belgium-Ireland EK football, our young cricket team of age group eleven years will compete with Luxembourg and Switzerland this weekend. Luxembourg Cricket Federation hosts this weekend (18th and 19th June) a special tournament for the youngest age group for Cricket playing community. Belgium U11 National [...]

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AIPL 2016 set to go with auction of Cricket Teams


AIPL 2016 set to go with auction of Cricket Teams AIPL 2016 Auction Event was held on 13th March 2016 in evening at Antwerpen Diamond Center  (AWDC)     View more pictures from the AIPL 2016 Auction Event at Flickr. [...]

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