Cricket Development Officer


Job Title:                  Development officer (Fedasil Project) Reporting to:            BCF General Manager Open Positions:       One Type of position:     Part-time, average 20 work hours per week (excluding travel) The Sport Federation The Belgian Cricket Federation vzw (BCF) is a sports federation, formed in 1990 to promote cricket in Belgium. The BCF is a [...]

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Vienna International Women’s Sixes Tournament


Vienna International Women’s Sixes Tournament 27-28 August 2016 Written by Rosemary Lister Belgium Women Win! Belgium overcame sweltering heat and spirited opposition to become unbeaten champions.  Austria, Norway, Zurich Sapphires 1, Zurich Sapphires 2 and Belgium enjoyed a weekend of sixes cricket at the Austria Cricket Stadium in Vienna, each team batting 5 overs and [...]

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Street Cricket Activities – Gent


Gent CC has successfully organized street cricket activity during the buurtfeest on 28 August In all around 30 participants both young boys and girls had a go t cricket and it was well received. Thanks to Gent CC for making the game more visible within the local community. Well donee Gent CC The pictures can [...]

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