The BCF Executive Committee (BCF-EC)

The current board was elected and received their authoritative two-year long (2020-2022) mandate on September 6, 2020 at a General Meeting with full attendance of all voting club members. An extra-ordinary set of nominations was made to all proposed functions.

It would be not an exaggeration to state that BCF is fortunate to have excellent mix of experience and skills to take Cricket in Belgium to a new level. We have the so-called ‘New Blood’ and the ‘New Energy’, who are actively involved in the local cricket. This excellent mix brings great value addition in different spheres of Governance, Management and Administration.

All BCF Executive Committee members are fully voluntary function. The BCF Executives are guided and limited by the BCF Articles of Association. They bring their guidance to the Belgium Cricket by regularly updating and implementing the Federation By-Laws, Policies, Procedures, Rules and other regulations.

Collectively, the BCF Executive Committee is the supreme authority for all kinds of decision-making for the Belgium Cricket Federation.

The Executive Committee is elected by the General body (full member clubs) for the period of two years term.

Our Valuable Team is made of the Nationally-elected and Regionally-elected members.

The BCF Executive Committee (Board of Directors)

Umair Rafi Butt
Umair Rafi ButtChairman
Rohan Ravindran
Rohan RavindranVice Chairman, ICC liaison officer, Marketing officer
Shashidhar Reddy Gunna
Shashidhar Reddy Gunna Treasurer
Ahmed Hamza
Ahmed HamzaSecretary
Ganesh Ramasubramanium
Ganesh RamasubramaniumLeague Chairman (Senior & Junior) & Youth Development
Nick Compton
Nick Compton ICC liaison officer & Tournaments Director
Muhammad Abdul Rehman
Muhammad Abdul Rehman Officials development officer ( Coaches / Umpires / Scorers)
Angar Dildar
Angar DildarDirector
Muhammad Shahid
Muhammad ShahidDirector
Afzal Baber Javed
Afzal Baber JavedDirector