BCF Office Communication

We wish to update you all on the following few points related to 2015 season.

Player’s Safety during the cricket matches
Player safety is of utmost concern and priority to the BCF. New guidelines have been issued by ICC about safety during cricket matches. BCF strongly recommends each club / players to abide by the new guidelines and recommendations. The BCF draws the attention of all clubs to this recommendation about helmets.

Different governing bodies at ICC HQ have unanimously agreed that the new British Standard BS 7928:2013 – Specification for head protectors for cricketers.
Your safety is of at most importance to BCF. BCF cricket official has a right to stop a player from participation when ever deemed necessary. Only certified helmets should be adopted by each ICC-member as the de-facto international standard for helmets. It is advised that all players need to wear helmets that meet the highest safety standards, which is the new BS7928:2013.

CricHQ – Team and player registrations
Each player must carry a photo-identity document to prove his identity. This measure is taken to counter misrepresentation in the BCF cricket matches; so that the identity of each player is known to all in the Belgian cricket fraternity. Hence, It is mandatory to upload the photo of each player in CricHQ. In general, we strongly recommend all member details in CricHQ should be complete.

2015 inter-club Transfer Period
The member inter-club transfer period ends on March 31 2015 12:00 H. All requests must reach league chairman before this date/time. No further request will be processed later to this date & time.The cut-off date for all validations in CricHQ is March 31 2015 12:00 H. All inactive members / players may be removed from CricHQ, if required.

2015 BCF and CV – Invoices towards all clubs
Member-clubs have requested us to give them an complete outlook of 2015 costs transfers. We will raise Pro-forma invoices during the first week of April 2015; based on certain assumptions stated as under

  1. The member details & count for insurance cover will be taken from CricHQ; in the multiple of 20 players; on 3rd April 2015
  2. Allocation of the Umpires’ match fee & provisional travel cost will be estimated at 50% of the matches from the club fixture list.
  3. The cost of cricket balls will be included in the invoice, already distributed during fixture meeting.
  4. The first payment due-date will be within 30 days from the date of invoice.
  5. The second payment date will be July 31 2015.
  6. BCF reserves the right to suspend any member-club/player(s) not complying with this payment schedule.
  7. Any new player added before the End-of-the-Season (EOS)/Awards meeting will be taken into account and will be considered payable..

The payment may be made either by single or maximum two bank transfers. However the payments dates must be respected and should be made by the dates mentioned on the pro-forma invoice.

The clubs not respecting the payment dead-lines will be suspended and all their matches will be considered as no-show/forfeit.
Final adjustments (credit note or final invoice) will be made prior to EOS/awards ceremony. All payments must be before EOS 2015 meeting by the clubs.

BCF and CV Insurance Cover 
All players and members requiring BCF insurance cover for 2015 must be registered in CricHQ. Photograph, date of birth and email address of each registered member is mandatory. In general, all member details in CricHQ should be as complete as possible.
Email of Club chairman / junior development officer / legal guardian may be used for players, aged as minors and not posessing/willing to share contact email address. Actual identity details are required in all cases.

An extract from CricHQ, with all identity details will be done on 3rd April 2015; for preparing the Proforma-Invoices for 2015 towards all clubs.
Each club may declare their own list separately with photo & identity card details to BCF office; prior to April 3 2015.

2015 Changes made to the Umpiring policy
BCF Executive Committee has decided to bring changes to Umpiring policy. BCF will continue to take special actions as during last two years to

  • provide quality umpires training; and
  • create the higher number trained umpires count.

The new umpiring policy that needs to be followed by the clubs will be published by the league committee in coming days. Allocation and scheduling of umpires will be done by BCF office under the supervision of League committee.

We maintain the following principles:

  1. All costs (match fee and travel cost) associated to umpiring on a particular match are paid by the playing clubs.
  2. BCF will allocate neutral umpires for their official matches
  3. BCF will attempt to minimize the umpires travel cost-transfer to the club and travel effort for the umpires
  4. Each BCF Umpire is an extension of the BCF governance body; and must be respected for their authority, power, knowledge and decisions. Any reported incidents by the umpires will be treated under BCF rules and regulations; by league committee and disciplinary panel.
  5. BCF Umpires can make a mistake, but they do/will not cheat.
  6. BCF Executive Committee and the BCF Chairman hold the right of any final decision in any such regard.

2015 Rules and Regulations
The 2015 rules and regulation will be published by League committee on the BCF website before the start of season. Your attention to these rules will be required.

Call for volunteers
Belgium is hosting the U19 tournament in 2015. The participating countries are Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg and probably Austria too.
BCF needs volunteers for helping us for good delivery of this tournament. The volunteers may be for umpires, scorers, ground help and for transportations.
Your help will be highly appreciated. When interested, please contact BCF office as soon as possible.

2015 Annual General Meeting – Update
Based on the feedback received from few club chairmen, The AGM of BCF / CV has been  rescheduled to April 19 2015.The timing and venue remain the same.
A separate email communication will be done for AGM update towards all Club chairmen.

If you have any questions please contact BCF manager via email to manager@cricket-belgium.com

or by phone at +32 471 807 432

BCF wishes you all a happy and safe 2015 cricketing season.