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Arcadians Cricket Club Ghent

The name is derived from the ancient Greek province of Arcadia.

The province’s mountains and sparse population of shepherds later caused the word Arcadia to develop into a poetic byword for an idyllic vision of unspoiled wilderness. The inhabitants were often regarded as having continued to live after the manner of the Golden Age, living close to nature, uncorrupted by civilization, and virtuous. In an Utopian vision, Arcadia is associated with bountiful natural splendor and harmony. So it is perhaps no coincidence that cricket was first played by Flemish shepherds and weavers, immigrating to Surrey and Kent in the 13th century (which is now a proven fact!). Due to this, Arcadia has remained a popular artistic subject since antiquity: the Roman poet Virgil wrote a series of poems set in Arcadia, an example followed in medieval European literature (for example, Dante’s Divina Commedia). Arcadia became a symbol of pastoral simplicity, an idyllic location or paradise. The concept also figures in Renaissance mythology, especially remembered in the painting by Nicholas Poussin (1637-1638) “Et in Arcadia ego” (i.e. I once was happy).

As such, cricket played on a village green in the English countryside seems a real modern time Arcadia: a day away from the noise and the hassle of the city, no stress but camaraderie on the field of play, simply enjoy the sport whatever your age or experience is. Arcadians wants to emulate this true spirit of cricket, unspoilt and open for all who like the game.

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Are you interested to become a member of Arcadians Cricket Club? It does not matter whether you are a novice, or whether you have player for years. All nationalities are welcome, men as well as women, kids as well as adults.

Download the form to request membership of the club here.

What do you need to do?

Download the membership form, complete the form and sign it (for youth members aged under 18, a parent or guardian must sign the form).
Give the completed and signed form to the membership secretary (Rakesh Kapila) or the head coach during practice.
Download the form to request membership of the club here.

From age 12 up, new members must also provide a copy of their valid Belgian id card or residence permit.

Pay the membership fee, preferably by bank transfer.
Membership fees for 2014:
Full fee (adult): EUR 175,-
Reduced membership fee for adults (students, unemployed): EUR 100,-
Youth player fee (under 18): EUR 75,-
Supporter membership: EUR 50,- (you can play up to 3 friendly matches with a supporter status)
Non-playing supporter membership: EUR 30,- (no matches allowed)
Note that Arcadians does not charge match fees – the above membership fees include al costs.

Payments can be made on the bank account number 068-2414975-90 of the Arcadians Cricket Club Ghent.
For international payments:
IBAN: BE34-0682-4149-7590
For more information on membership, contact Rakesh Kapila: mobile 0475 94 40 99

Youth cricket is the priority number one for the club. Arcadians can rely on a team of trainers with two coaches with an “ECB level 2” qualification and several junior coaches with a Level 1 degree, who teach children this entertaining, dynamic and fun sport on a weekly basis. The club welcomes boys and girls from age 8 that also want to learn the game!

The club has its own youth teams since 2007 – Arcadians was only the third club in Belgium to start youth teams (since followed by others). In 2011 we will bring both an Under-13 and an Under-15 team on the field (from end April till mid July; afterwards also some friendly games). Junior games are usually played on Sunday morning.

In several schools in and near Ghent Arcadians supports junior cricket for kids ages 8 to 12. These boys and girls play with “Kwik cricket”material: high-quality plastic equipment and a softer ball. This makes cricket a cheap and safe sport, where fairness is equally important. The purpose is to teach children the basic principles of the game, without some of the more complex rules. Having fun together and making everybody bat, bowl, field and catch – that’s what it is all about in cricket! The club also co-operates with the Sportdienst of the City of Ghent, organising a yearly camp “Cricket-omnisport”.

All interested kids (